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Atlanta or Winnipeg?

Are the Thrashers done or not?
Thats the question all of us hockey fans are waiting to be answered. We are waiting for Tuesday 5/24/11 for the response. This is not the only question I have but maybe some of you have these Questions too, here they are-

Could it be anywhere besides Winnipeg?
Follow up Questions- What about Hartford? Or Quebec? Hamilton?

Say in the end they did move, would it be Winnipeg Jets? Winnipeg Thrashers?
How would they do divisions? Here's what I think-  

Northeast- same

Atlantic- same

Tampa Bay

St. Louis


Pacific- Same

Not much of a difference

I think it is a better idea to move Atlanta than Phoenix because Phoenix is good and their making the playoffs so obviously they don't need a big fan base to do good. I too think the relocations of Florida and NYI are considerable.
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NHL Power Rankings

Well I am exited for my first Power Rankings blog.This Is for the month of February, 2011-------------------------------
---------------------This has been an exiting month, hasn't it?First of all, like a lot of teams have gone on a nice streak that got them higher in the standings. Bruins, Blackhawks, Coyotes and Sharks. I want to talk mostly about the Bruins.6 straight wins on the road in 6 games in a row on the road. With One against Vancouver. And that brings me to mention the good teames that Aren't giving it their all. Flyers, Canucks, Red Wings.The Red Wings Can't do what they did against Phoenix. Take a 3 goal lead into the 3rd. Then let the Coyotes score 3 goals in the third and win in a shootout. That Can't Happen.I am going to Bring up the streaks of Edmonton, New Jersey and Montreal. Edmonton just got Their leading goal scorer out for the season. Their leading goal scorer is the rookie Taylor Hall.Thats Sad. I want to see if New Jersey makes the playoffs. their 9pts out of it and aren't going away so soon.That's because they didn't give up. I think Ottawa, The Islanders, Edmonton, and Colorado have given up.So thats enough just for the facts. Here are the Rankings!
1. VancouverI don't think their going away to soon. H. Sedin is an Assist Machine. D. Sedin is a Point Machine. Its only a 3 game losing streak.
2. BostonThat road Streak was great. It was all so smooth. Watch out Vancouver, Boston is Coming!
3. San JoseThey did so well in February. It was so good for them. They'll Be Higher soon.
4. DetroitThey're falling a little bit. They can't lose 2nd place. They Really need that spot, they Belong there.
5. PhiladelphiaThe Flyers fell a little. Their last 10 is 4-5-1. They need to improve that if they want to win the East.
6. PhoenixA nice big road streak brought them to the division title, only for a few days. They need to know they're in a tough division and want to win it.
7. Tampa BayThey've been doing okay. 7 is where they should be. No where else. Their lucky number is 7. That is also a known lucky number. 7 Is Really lucky for them.
8. ChicagoThey are coming up big with a big Winning streak. They are in it for the Division title.
9. MontrealI think they have had a great month and will have that 6th seed all to them selves soon.
10. L.A.They have had an Average Kings month. This is where they'll be staying if they don't come up big or small and stay "Kings" average.
11. WashingtonA nice month for them, too. Lets see how their final 20 go.
12. CalgaryThey sort of came out of no where and is now a contender! Its so weird the way it goes for this team.
13. MinnesotaRead Calgary
14. New York RangersI hate to see this team start slumping. Their not winning all the games they should
15. CarolinaTheir doing okay... I guess
16. New JerseyI see them as a playoff team now.
17. DallasThey lost Richards... That stinks.
18. NashvilleRinne needs to come up big for them.
19. BuffaloThey need to be higher next month. They'll have a playoff seed by then
20. PittsburghI can't believe Crosby and Malkin really make that team.
21. Toronto Their doing better, but I don't see them as a playoff team.
22. AnaheimNot really giving it their all out there.
23. AtlantaI think their done
24. ColumbusTheir not out of it yet, they could be soon, if they don't come up big.
25. St. LouisTheir only getting worse
26. EdmontonTheir actually getting better. Watch out... Colorado. Period.
27. FloridaTheir only losing games now. And they were actually okay.
28. New York IslandersNo, just... just no.
29. OttawaI think their trying to lose now.
30. ColoradoThey were doing well, but they lost a lot in a row. So that cost them a lot
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10 Bold NHL Predictions as of 3/6/2011

Hi Everyone. These are some predictions I really believe will come true.

1. Stamkos will get 50 goals                                                                                                                                                                  I think we all know he has it in him.

2. Sabres make the playoffs                                                                                                                                                           They have a good young team that I think has the skill to make the playoffs

3. Phoenix wins the Pacific Division                                                                                                                                                        I am a Phoenix fan but I think they have really good offense and defense so they could win the Pacific.

4. Stars are lower then 10th seed                                                                                                                                                          I think they will have a bad remainder of the season and they will also be 5th in the division

5. Flyers 2nd in the East                                                                                                                                                               Read my NHL Standings Predictions. Its all there.

6. Daniel Sedin, Steven Stamkos and Tim Thomas top 3 Hart Candidates                                                                                             Daniel Sedin and Stamkos are fighting for the Hart, and we know Thomas is doing amazing.

7. Vancouver wins Presidents Trophy                                                                                                                                           They've got it so far, I think they'll finish with it.

8. Edmonton is last in the league                                                                                                                                                       Do I need an Explanation? The Senators aren't getting any worse, and the Oilers aren't getting any better. That's all I can say.

9. Crosby will play 50 games and get 70 Points                                                                                                                                   He only needs 9 games and has mid-60's points.

10. Bruins win the Stanley Cup                                                                                                                                                              I have a lot of faith in them.
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Nhl Predictions as of 3/5/2011

Hi Everybody, 

I really can't wait until the Playoffs in the NHL, so I'm going to give you guys my predictions from here on. 

Eastern Conference- 

1. Bruins

 Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow" is about Pittsburgh, (or his car) But it should be about the Bruins. With 2 goaltenders that could both be starters (Timmy an Tuuka), plus with the GREAT offense AND defense with Chara, Lucic, Horton, Seidenburg,(Seiderberg?) Whichever one, he is a good, tough player. Watch out for the big, bad B's, Because their back! 

2. Flyers 

I better get ready for the hate comments... They have nice Offense and Defense and will be staying on the track they are on but I think the B's will come up big enough to pass them. 

3. Bolts 

I think Stamkos has became a Crosby or Ovechkin, I'm exited to see how the future is for this team. They just need better Goaltending. Roloson is Okay.

4. Capitals 

Don't we all know that they are in the race for this first "Wildcard" spot? We also know 2 other teams are. I am exited to see how this race ends 

5. Penguins 

This is really fun, to put the Penguins 5th. I don't like them, but I don't like the Caps either, so don't go crazy on me for this one. 


6. Habs

 No one deserves this spot more than the Habs, They don't Deserve to be any higher or lower. They could have been either one though. But they stayed on the path the were on since the beginning of the season.


7. Sabres 

This is my favorite one to do. I loved to put the Bruins, Penguins, and Habs where they were, but I love to do this. I don't understand how they aren't in now, but they should and will be. 


8. Rangers 

I think they can beat the Canes and Devils for the last spots 


9. Hurricanes 

Staal, Ward, Skinner. Three is better then none, but its not enough. 


10. Devils 

Its too bad they didn't get hotter earlier, or they would have been crusin' in that 7th seed 


11. Thrashers 

They lost too many to stay in it, so they didn't make it. Enough said. 


12. Leafs

 They lost some, Then won some, They'll lost more, and won't make it. 


13. Panthers

 I said they'll be 15th in the east this season, Close enough in my thought 


14. Isles 

If not 14th, 15th. Their terrible. They lose so many of their teams and some of their players are average but deserve to be on another team. 


15. Sens 

My friend is a Die-hard Sens fan, and he can't say the Sens are an average team with a straight face. Their actually that bad. I don't even think he can even complete the sentence "Their... Good" Without laughing. I know I can't. 


Western Conference- 


1. Canucks

 Sedins, Kesler, Burrows, Ehrhoff, Luongo. That's a #1 Team right there. They are good all around and could make a good run. 


2. Wings 

They have a good, young team that will do great for them. 


3. Coyotes 

You can kiss a Hamilton team goodbye, Because the only place the Coyotes are going is the Playoffs. I see a lot in Defensemen Keith Yandle and Ed Jovanovski 



I love this team. I love the players on it. I think their logo is cool, which has nothing to do with the predictions. But I love this team and I see them doing very well. 


5. Kings

 They got REALLY lucky getting Penner. They also have Kopitar, Brown, Johnson, Doughty, and Quick... and a great team 


6. Preds 

I think Rinne is Great in Goal, and Erat and Weber are great, too. More Players are good on that team too, so right there, you have a playoff team. 


7. Hawks 

If there's a team with Toews, Kane, Sharp, and Keith, how can they not make the playoffs? 


8. Flames 

This one was a long-shot, but I think they will just make it. 


9. Wild 

Its too bad they couldn't do it this year. But theil be back next year. 


10. Ducks 

They looked real good for a while, but lost too many and will miss it in the end. 


11. St Louis 

I think they can come back a little bit, they have Halak, Oshie and Mcdonald, so its not horrible. 


12. Columbus

 They're Okay, and okay goaltending and defense and offense, so they're Okay. 


13. Dallas 

They're only going downhill from where they are today 


14. Colorado

 I don't even know why they lost that many games in a row, but it pretty much costed them their season.


 15. Edmonton 

Nothing is enough said.







Bos vs. NYR-Bos in 4 

Their too good to lose this one. Or to not sweep it. 


Phi vs. Buf-Phi in 6

 Buffalo will give them a good match 


TB vs. Mtl-TB in 7 

TB will just do it in game 7 at home. 


Was vs. Pit-Pit in 7 

They'll have Crosby back by then so they'll be good enough to win. 





Van vs.Cgy-Van is 5 

Thats not a good enough series to have more than 5 games 


Det vs. Chi-Chi is 7

I'm gonna get a lot of good and bad comments for this one. 


Phx vs. Nsh-Phx in 6 

I think Phoenix is so good. 


SJ vs LA-SJ in 7 

This will be a really good series that the Sharks will eventually win 7th game. 




Bos vs. Pit-Bos in 6 

Pittsburgh will give Boston better games than NY did, thats for sure 


Phi vs. TB-TB in 7 

This will be such a good series that I think Tampa will win on the road in the 7th game. 




Van vs. Chi-Van in 7 

The Hawks will give the Canucks a good series 


Phx vs. SJ-Phx in 6

 I will say again-I think Phoenix is so good 


Conference finals- 




Bos vs. TB-Bos in 6 

Bruins beat Tampa in six. I have nothing else to say 




Van vs. Phx- Phx in 7 

Phoenix has the skill to beat the team that won the Presidents Trophy. 

Stanley Cup- 


Bos vs. Phx- Bos in 6

Black and Yellow Black and Yellow Black and Yellow Black and Yellow! 


Thanks for who ever read and cared. And Can I ask not to have Oilers and Sens fans not to go crazy on my because their bad and you know it. Can You gave me feedback on my writing, I would like to know how I write. Thanks again. Black and Yellow!

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